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    Adobe After Effects is used to create, compose, style 2D footages in 3D layers in 3D space. Adobe After Effects is designed mainly for videographers, graphic artists, animators, motion graphics artists, etc. It has many applications based on the user’s needs. So people who are opting for this field will have an advantage over their competitors if they are well educated in Adobe After Effects.

    VR Career Solutions come forward with a brand new Adobe After Effects course in Chennai which will train you in compositing, roto, sterio, motion tracking, animation, color keying, 3D title designing, video layering, rendering and optimization, and so on.

    Our After Effects training is the best option for the candidate who wants to learn this from the basic. Candidates will study how to incorporate texts, graphics and effects in the videos and images and also learn about the various tools and menu in the software. By the end of our Adobe After Effects course, the candidate will be able to create high quality video and audio with the help of this software and advance equipments and workstations we offer for this training course.

Course Syllabus - Download here

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